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Jul 19, 2017

What does one say about Clive Burcham?
Clive is a business maverick, social entrepreneur and a great single dad of two small children plus he can cook a very good lamb.
This is a man on a mission, having grown up in the country, he lost his dad at the age of 8. and soon after he suffered abuse at the hands of a trusted member of the community. 

He has since gone on to become a well known businessman and has made media waves, some good, some not so good. Clive is a success story but it has come with its challenges.

Clive founded the successful branding agency The Conscience Organisation 14 years ago with Coca-Cola as its foundation client. He has worked with some of the most impressive brands in the country. But what really makes him tick is his passion for social change and he works closely with several organisations including OzHarvest, The Global Poverty Project and KidsXpress Limited to help achieve this.
To me Clive epitomises a successful entrepreneur he is dynamic and fallible which makes him very relatable.