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May 21, 2016

Susanne tossed in a profitable corporate career to enter the word of gender equality no easy feat when you are fighting against the old guard.  After interviewing her I imagine there is little that this formidable woman is scared of. She combines the perfect mix of intelligence, passion and poise and is taking on the one of the most challenging issues facing women in the workplace today. She is the Founder and Executive Chair of the Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation, and is credited with being the Founder of the Gender Economics Movement.

Susanne is an internationally sought after Speaker and Consultant in Diversity and Gender Economics, and prior to that as an expert speaker on Project Management, Governance and Outsourcing.

A serial entrepreneur, Susanne previously owned a successful retail business and later, was one of the few women to establish a multi million-dollar information technology consulting company focusing on Business Transformation. She brings an extensive business consulting history to the field of sociology and academia and is the driver for the development of Gender Economics as a field of study.

Susanne developed a whole of organisational diagnostic, the Diversity Performance Review Framework(DPRF™) and currently works with the Australian resources industry using the framework to assess an organisation’s diversity capability. That is, measure the degree to which an organization accepts diversity, and is able to integrate systems that enable and enhance that diversity to leverage increased innovation and performance.

Susanne believes that by understanding the underlying research and formation of economic theory, we are much more likely to change the conversation around gender. She is developing the field of Gender Economics, which looks at the exploitation of gender for profit, how this affects organisational culture, company profitability and how underlying economic and gender theory translates into economic policy at a global level.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Sociology and Business Management with a focus on gender, and previously undertook a Bachelor of Business Finance with a computing major. As well as her consulting work, Susanne is a Guest Lecturer in Gender Economics at Macquarie University and was nominated for the Griffith University Alumni of the Year Award in 2015.

She is the author of “Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics (IGI Global 2015).