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Apr 5, 2017

Recognised as 'CEO of the Year' by the CEO World Awards and winner of a Gold Stevie award for Female Executive of the Year Sharon Rowland does not do things in halves. In fact if anything she knows how to get to the top of every business she has worked in. Sharon is a force in international business having led the well known finance house Thomson's which bought out Reuters in 2008. She has rubbed shoulders with some of the most dynamic forces in the finance world. Financially successful she banked over US$1.5M one year, Sharon shares that being a woman and making large sums of money is ok, woman should strive for success. Now CEO for ReachLocal a global social media business Sharon spends her time as a super savvy digital marketing specialist and works with a global team to help small businesses punch above their weight. 

Success is sexy and never more so than when coupled with global brands, a dynamic woman and the successful reaching out to make people seek their potential. Great interview by a truly successful woman in the global arena.