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Jul 19, 2017

Chido Govera offers one of the most inspiring and emotional interviews I have ever done. 

Chido Govera is a pioneer of hope. She grew up as an orphan in a small village in Zimbabwe. Following the death of her mother, she turned into a parent at the age of 7, mothering her brother and caring for her nearly-blind grandmother. At the age of 8, she had already experienced the worst possible sexual and physical abuse, inflicted by a close uncle. She promised herself then that when she was older, she would save and protect other orphans from experiencing what she, and so many others, had suffered.

Turning down a marriage proposal at the age of 11, Chido chose to take fate into her own hands -- learning to farm mushrooms from local waste. She changed her journey to one of education and cultivation, she founded the Future of Hope Foundation and has now taught over 1,000 orphans and young women to take responsibility for their lives and see the opportunities around them. 

An incredible woman who offered a raw and honest story of her life journey. She is an inspiration.