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Aug 23, 2016

Kobi Bokshish offers us a candid look at a life lived with few barriers. Strong willed and determined he fell in love with hairdressing the first time he held the clippers. After emerging from an army jail in Israel Kobi was directionless until he was steered into the army hair salon. He has honed his craft over many years, in many countries and he still loves what he does. As the creative director of large brands he is responsible for emerging trends and helping to push his industry to grow and thrive. But nothing gives him more pleasure than his charity event each year called Hair Raise where he raises money for a number of charities. He is also a passionate industry supporter working with groups on legislation and improving the image of the hairdressing industry. As if this is not enough he is also a partner in an innovative business that has developed an eco-friendly shower head for salons and he is working on initiatives to improve the industry. Warm, funny and brilliant this is a fascinating interview.