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Jun 21, 2016

Jutka Freiman was raised in Bondi by her father, her journey is an eclectic mix of discovery, loss and love.

‘The longing that comes from the soul is a wonderful, virtuous longing and its greases the path to spirituality. The longing that comes from the ego, I think the Buddhists would call ‘desire’ and that’s not so healthy,’ says Jutka Freiman.

Since the mid-1980’s Jutka has guided women on the journey from self to Soul through her ‘Women Journeying’ workshops. A psychotherapist and group facilitator with degrees in psychology and anthropology, Jutka has many strings to her bow. She is an expert in the fields of archetypal psychology, psychodrama, Gestalt, Somatic psychology, art therapy and the Enneagram.

She is wise, deeply creative and an inspiration for any woman wanting to embark on the heroine’s journey.

Jutka Freiman is a psychotherapist and group facilitator. She has a degree in Psychology and Anthropology is a graduate membership of the Bereavement Care Centre, is a supervisor and trainer with the Institute of Group Leaders.

Since the mid ’80s she has worked extensively locally and internationally using Attachment Therapy, Archetypal Psychology, Gestalt, Somatic Psychotherapy,  Psychodrama, Art Therapy, Family Constellations and Enneagram.  She brings to her work a passion for the creative and the collective believing both to be a true expression of the essential being 

Jutka is an internationally certified Enneagram therapist, supervisor and trainer. She is on the teaching team for the (Helen) Palmer Daniels professional training in Australia (ETPT). She also offers comprehensive Enneagram typing sessions for individuals, couples and families.