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Jun 20, 2016

On interviewing Neale Whitaker I found myself speaking to a man who is as humble as he is successful. A true professional with all the traits of a remarkable man and none of the BS that comes with success. Neale started his career as a PR agent working with real life Ab Fab Edina, Lynn Franks. It is in this role that he honed his love of publishing and his stellar magazine career as the Editor in Chief of both Belle and Vogue Living has turned him into a publishing darling.

Neale's spot as a judge on The Block on Channel 9 has cemented him as a household name and he has proved to be generous as a judge and mentor. In our interview he chats candidly about gay marriage, confidence and depression. As a style guru and household name Neale offers an insight into a world of beauty and shares his love for his partner David and two dogs Ollie and Otis. This interview, I am proud to say, was one of my career highlights it’s a must listen.